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Brokerage services

Due to the fact that risks are fairly high when executing the activity in the stock market, each investor tends to its diminishing. The right choice of the brokerage organization allows decreasing risks to some extent concerning the demanded intermediary services granted. Our company possesses all the necessary licenses for brokerage (license of the Securities and Stock Market State Committee -318233 dated 18.04.2007) and dealer (license of the Securities and Stock Market State Committee -318234 dated 18.04.2007) activities and as is also a member of PFTS association. Furthermore, we tend to create long-term trust relations with our partners and clients and provide them with all introductory details and information on our business regarding the legislation and confidentiality demands.

Depositary services

The Custodian provides its clients, legal entities and individuals of different ownership forms (residents and non-residents) with all main custodian services, record and certification of securities title, services, maintaining realization of securities title by securities owners, including partnership rights for Joint Stock Companies management, dividends and income receiving, as well as accompanying services which refine on quality of depositary servicing.

Consulting Services

Nowadays consulting has become an integral part of the efficient enterprise activity. The main task of consulting is to indicate the present issues and finding of new solutions for them. The growing companies starting realization of any of the projects (restructuring, attraction of credit and so on) should take into account great number of factors that can influence the final outcome. Consulting support of Royal Capital will permit the desired result achieving having boosted the activity with accordance of all the legislative and market demands.

Corporate Finance

Royal Capital grants services to its clients in the field of financing and strategic and financial consulting. The company is targeting to grant the full set of traditional services in the sphere of corporate financing and financial consulting alongside with successful activity in brokerage and depositary servicing of legal entities and individuals.

Direct Investments

Within the framework of investments Royal Capital limited organizes attraction of strategic and financial investors with due account for the issuers aim strategy to the deals. Analytical support of the company-issuer is provided after the placement and services on organization of the secondary market shares of your company are granted.
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