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KSG Agro (WSE: KSG) to buy two Ukrainian agrocompanies


KSG Agro (WSE ticker: KSG) was allowed by the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine to buy two agrarian enterprises: “Agro LLC.” and “Meat processing plant “Dnepr” (Dnepropetrovsk region). This acquirement would increase the land bank of KSG Agro from 43.2 thd hectares to 53.9 thd hectares, as well as it would deepen vertical integration of the company’s production facilities. Since the beginning of 2011, KSG Agro has already bought 3 agrocompanies in Ukraine. With new acquirement the total increase of land bank since the beginning of 2011 would constitute 19.7 thd hectares which is close to planned value of land bank enlargement announced in the IPO prospectus. Recall, that KSG Agro has debuted on the WSE on April 15, 2011, and has sold 33% of its shares for USD 40 mln.

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