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The Royal Capital Company is asking all the visitors of our page on the web Internet to have a look at the information thereinunder. You hereby confess that the information thereinunder has been passed to Your guidance.

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The content of the web-site royalcapital.com.ua (including all the information, datum, images, graphics, reports, analytics and so forth, without limitations, hereinafter- “the Information”) is the property of Royal Capital Limited, all rights reserved. Unauthorized spread, copying and web site materials changing fully and partly are prohibited without written permission of Royal Capital Limited.

Royal Capital Limited is not responsible for incorrectness or mistakes in the web site royalcapital.com.ua and is not responsible for any losses and damages of any origin, direct or indirect, arisen in consequence of information access contained in the web site royalcapital.com.ua, use of this information or links to it as well as arising in view of access, use, functioning, search and connection with other internet web sites executed from the web site royalcapital.com.ua.

Royal Capital Limited and any of its representatives and employees as well is not responsible for any losses and damages arisen in consequence of site materials content use in practical activity and also for integrity of any information adduced with proper materials layout in the web site from external sources and any consequences of this information use.

The information presented in the web site royalcapital.com.ua is based on the sources which Royal Capital acknowledges as reliable, nevertheless the company is not reliable for its validity and completeness. Information doesn’t refer to the investment purposes or financial cases of the third parties. Royal Capital is not responsible for operations of the third parties executed on the basis of information gained from the web site royalcapital.com.ua. Information presented in materials of our web site is not for the reference purposes in order to execute transactions in the financial services market or for other similar purposes and may not be used as admissible evidence under disputes adjustment in a judicial and extrajudicial procedure.

Royal Capital Limited will make reasonable efforts to provide validity and accuracy of information in the present web site. Information in the present web site can be changed by Royal Capital Limited in any time without notification in advance.

Privacy policy

Any information and/or materials provided by any visitor of the web site royalcapital.com.ua are understood as non-confidential. Royal Capital Limited is not responsible for and as to this information and materials and reserves the right to use this information and/or materials as it thinks fit.

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