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Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine
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Royal Capital was registered as legal entity in form of the Limited Liability Company in April, 2006. Nowadays, Royal Capital is professional partner of the Stock Market of Ukraine.

The direction as well as the main staff of Royal Capital started its activity almost simultaneously with Ukrainian securities market foundation and has felt all its ups and downs which allowed to gain efficient experience to run the considered impartial business and create the long-term strategy of development taking into account the world tendency and also the national specific factors effecting the running of mediatory and investment business on Ukrainian financial market.

Royal Capital possesses full set of licenses as professional participant and performs full range of transactions on the securities market, including underwriting, brokerage and dealer services, trust asset management, consulting and depositary services, analytical and legal support in all directions of the activity.

Royal Capital is a member of self regulating organization of Kyiv International Stock Exchange and PFTS association as is also a member of PFTS Stock Exchange.

Royal Capital assists and supports its clients at all stages in realization of merger and acquisition projects. Knowledge of the market and experience of highly professional employees allow us to effectively execute the search of special purpose companies that meet the choice criteria of potential customers, and it also allows us to swiftly consolidate any size blocks of the Ukrainian entrepreneurs’ securities and choose strategic and financial investor for such growing companies which need investing in equity capital.

We are confident of vast potential of Ukrainian Stock Market. Its establishment is attended with high risk and revenue rates which are specific for all the emerging markets. We offer our clients the best solutions for the finance management combining the current opportunities and promising prospects of the market.

The direction of Royal Capital is proud of its close-knit team of professionals, gifted and devoted to business employees and highly appreciates their outstanding human traits.  

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Our strategic target is to create the universal investment bank which will become an effective conduct in the capital market and a supplier of financial solutions for our clients, enter a group of leaders in Ukraine and also will be integrated into the world financial market.

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